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What Do You Believe

The lady before me was more than troubled. She was thirty-two years old, still single and most unhappy about that fact. All her friends were married with kids and she had about had enough of people trying to match make.

Aduke was by all standards a pretty lady. Light skinned and petit, she really didn’t look her age. She had a good job in an oil company and hers was a somewhat charming personality. One of her friends had asked her to see me and she had reluctantly agreed.

Quite frankly, she believed her problem was beyond redemption. She believed her family was under a curse that drove away all prospective suitors and she was destined to go to her grave a spinster!

‘I am the fourth girl in a family of five girls. We are all still single. We have prayed about it and we’ve gone for ‘Deliverance’ several times. Nothing has changed’

‘You believe in Jesus as the son of God?’ I asked her to be sure.

‘Yes.’ She looked at me kind of strange.

‘You are committed to Jesus?’

‘I am Born Again,’ she almost snapped.

I smiled. ‘Do you know that the Bible says Jesus redeemed you from every curse of the law by dying in your place on the cross?’

A frown appeared on her face, ‘I don’t understand.’

‘Galatians chapter 3:13-14 says Jesus became cursed to make every curse powerless against you. The blessings of Abraham are now yours and that includes a husband if you want one’

Aduke sat up on her chair. ‘But why is this curse working against me?’

‘Because you believe it has the authority and the power to work against you and you’ve been affirming it! Jesus said if you believe something and affirm it, it will become a reality. That’s in Mark 11: 23. Your faith in the curse, if there is indeed a curse, is stronger than your faith in what Jesus accomplished for you!’

The good lady stared straight at me as the import of what I had just said hit her. ‘You mean……, no, I can’t believe this. Are you saying that I’m the one doing this to myself?’

I nodded. ‘More or less. As long as you believe and confess the curse, you create and sustain a negative force, a curse that will work against you continually’

“Look, sickness, disease, poverty, failure and so on are all manifestations of the curse. As long as you have faith in the curse and you continually confess and thereby affirm the curse, you make it real and effective in your life”

‘The only way out is to believe what the Bible says Jesus accomplished for you on the cross of Calvary. Believe it, because it is God’s word and God cannot lie. Begin to confess and affirm that you cannot be cursed and that you are blessed and you have Abraham’s blessings because you belong to Christ. If you do that, you will be blessed and not cursed.”

‘But I’ve been told that the curse is as a result of some evil done by my fore fathers and the Bible says that God’s judgment can run for generations!’

‘Even if your fore fathers did something horrible and God’s judgment is on your family, the Bible also says God’s mercy runs for a thousand generations to those who love him. If you are Born Again, you qualify for His mercy and His mercy nullifies His judgment’ I countered.

I could see a smile begin to play around the corner of Aduke’s lips. ‘Well, I’ve never heard this before’

‘That’s what the Bible says,  my dear and I believe the Bible.  What about you?’

Aduke was up on her feet, her face radiating like a thousand lights!

‘My God, to think that I didn’t even want to come to see you….. I believe the Bible. Oh, I believe the Bible. Thank you, thank you so much.

I smiled at her. ‘I’m sure glad you came!’

Hugging her bag, she made her way to the door and then turned back to face me.

‘I have just one request’

‘Sure. What?’

‘Will you be at my wedding?!”

I smiled. ‘You can bet on it!”

Off she went, as free as a Bird! Isn’t our God so good?

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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