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Older women and Younger men!

It’s all over the place now, older women dating younger men. In the old days, people would raise an eyebrow and pass some rude remarks. You see, older men were allowed to date younger men, no surprise in that. But to have to explain to a casual friend that the young fella holding you by your waist was not your son?! You didn’t want that, you just didn’t want that.

Larry King live, 12th October 2004, some thirteen years ago, was about a Teacher who went to jail because she had sex with a 13 year old, a minor. The interview was already half way before I tuned in and even though I didn’t have the time, I sat amazed at what I was watching.

The incident happened in the Washington area and the lady went to jail for seven years and six months. I sat still as this blonde; about forty years of age (I didn’t catch her age) narrated her story in answer to Larry’s questions.

The boy involved was her former student. A Samoan, he was quite big for his age (nice footages were provided) According to the lady, the relationship was first spiritual and then intellectual. It turned physical and even though the lady was married with four kids, she became pregnant for the thirteen year old. The cat was let out of the bag when the lady’s husband insisted that she get an abortion even though they had agreed to go their separate ways. According to the lady, he just couldn’t bear the thought of her carrying another man’s (boy’s) child.

The lady was arrested and charged with raping a minor. She got a suspended sentence and was supposed to go for ‘treatment’ through the plea bargain. She didn’t know that the treatment would involve not having any contact with her kids for eight months. She wasn’t going to have that and in any case she had to see her lover. She was with him in her car when a cop drove bye. That was the end of the suspended jail term. She was taken back to court and she bagged a seven and a half year jail term.

The Lady said her immediate family was very supportive. She was from an elite family. Her father once contested for the Presidency of the United States as an independent candidate. She was quite emphatic that she did not know that she was committing a crime by sleeping with the thirteen year old. She only learnt that it was a felony after she was arrested.

How did the boy feel about all this? Cooool! She delivered the baby in prison and went on to have two other kids for him. I don’t know how this could have happened. They kept in touch and when she got out of jail, the boy was waiting.  She disclosed during the interview that they were now engaged to be married.

When Larry asked her if she felt she had had a rough life, she said she was blessed. She said she saw in good health, her kids were in good health and she had her Lover. She saw her prison years as an opportunity to contribute something to society. Some of the correctional officers were mean but there were some really nice ones. She taught Mathematics in prison.

What would she do next? She wants to teach in High School, (since she can’t teach in elementary school anymore) do para-legal work and some social work.

What would be her reaction if any of her kids decide to date older people? She would pay close attention to her kids and listen to them. She would be surprised though.

The interview closed with Larry wishing her luck.

Now, why would a woman in her thirties have an extramarital affair with a thirteen year old boy?

Why didn’t the boy run off after she was locked up? What did the thirteen year old have that the lady’s husband didn’t have?

Well, that was like thirteen years ago. What’s your reaction when you see an older woman with a younger man today?

Let’s hear from you on this.  Please put your opinions or comments below

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