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Martin was bidding his time as the sound system in his room filled the atmosphere with romantic tunes. The Samsung Air conditioner was at High Cool deliberately. He could see Goose pimples all over Tina’s arms as she sat watching ‘La la Land’ sipping iced Tea. His plan was going smoothly.

A few minutes later, Tina rose from the couch to use the convenience. Martin moved swiftly. This was his opportunity. Like lightening, he removed some powdery substance from his pocket and emptied the contents into Tina’s cup. It was Rohypnol, also known as Forget Pill or Mexican Valium, which he had ground into powder the previous day. He stirred the drink with his index finger and backed off just as he heard Tina making her way back to the bedroom.

Martin’s plan was simple. Tina was his colleague at work and he had desired her for months. Everyone knew she was way out of his league but that didn’t stop him from making advances. She turned him down as expected.

But Martin was a smart guy. He knew Tina loved watching movies and when he overheard Tina asking Laide if she had seen ‘La la Land’, he quickly invited both of them over to his place to see the movie. He didn’t have the movie but he knew where to get it. The only problem was that it was New Year’s Eve and the ladies wanted to make the watch-night service. Martin assured them that they would be through by 10pm and would have ample time to get to church.

Unknown to Tina, Martin later talked Laide out of making the date. He wanted Tina all to himself and a bottle of Jadore Christian Dior, requested for, did the trick. Laide didn’t show up. Now he had Tina exactly where he wanted her. As far as he was concerned, if he succeeded in sleeping with the girl, she wouldn’t have any choice but become his girl. Even if she wouldn’t be his girl, he would have gotten what he wanted anyway.

In five minutes, Tina was out cold. Martin smiled. He was indeed a master of the Game. She shouldn’t have turned him down.

Some four minutes later, it was all over. Tina was so beautiful and Martin was like a possessed man. Drenched in sweat, he rolled over and got up from the bed. In the process, his right arm knocked Tina’s beige handbag off the bed and its contents spilled on the carpeted floor.

As Martin bent over to pick up the contents, his eye caught a piece of paper amongst the makeup case and other girlish stuff. It looked like a report from a medical laboratory.

Curious, Martin picked it up and examined it closely. It was the result of an HIV test done by Tina two days back. Starring at the report, mouth wide open, Martin sank slowly to the floor. In his madness he had forgotten to use any kind of protection.

Written boldly on the report were the words, HIV POSITIVE!


Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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