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Why do wives cheat? There are lots of reasons but contrary to what many believe, sex is not the top reason why wives cheat. More often than not, wives begin with emotional affairs which could turn sexual!

Here is a look at ten top reasons why wives cheat.

1)         Inattentive husbands

One of the reasons why most women get married is for companionship. When a woman ends up with an inattentive husband, one who is too pre-occupied with his work, religion or some other thing, there is a tendency for her to drift towards a more attentive fellow and this could lead to emotional ties which……..

2)         Feelings of not being valued

When a woman begins to feel like she is just another piece of furniture in the home, there may be trouble ahead, especially if she comes across another fellow who makes her feel like a prized Diamond!

3)         Feelings of not being appreciated

This is close to not feeling valued. In many homes, husbands hardly let their wives know that they appreciate the latter’s contribution to the home or to their success. We all like people saying ‘thank you’ to us, don’t we? When that wife meets someone who appreciates everything she does, well, ………..

4)         Feelings of being taken for granted

Many times, husbands assume that their wives don’t have a choice and will stay with them forever. They begin to do things that show that she can go to hell, for all they care! When that wife meets someone else who lets her know that her opinions matter, well,……….

5)         Absentee husbands

The difference between an inattentive husband and an absentee husband is that the latter is hardly ever at home! The office, the church or the Club are what the poor wife has to contend with! In comes a neighbour or colleague at work who is always there to fix her car or help with just about anything that husbands are supposed to do. Hello trouble!

6)         Child husbands

When a woman finds herself married to an immature husband who does not believe that it is his responsibility to provide for the home, she can be tempted when a man that is ready to give her the good things of life shows up. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

7)         Pre-marital sex

Pre-marital sex? Yep! Research has actually shown that folks who engage in pre-marital sex are more prone to committing adultery! God designed sex exclusively for married couples. When people engage in pre-marital sex, they sow a seed of immorality and they are often prone to repeating the pattern after marriage. After pre-marital sex, marital infidelity is really no big deal!

8)         Abusive husbands

An abused woman often remains in a marriage because she lacks self worth or has a low self esteem. Some even believe in a sadistic sort of way that they deserve the abuse! If the woman however comes into contact with a man that treats her with kindness and she realizes that she is worth something after all, she’s on her way out of the abusive marriage!

9)         Having a parent who committed adultery

This is probably new to you. When a parent commits adultery to the knowledge of their kids (and you’ll be surprised how much children really know) they set a pattern which their children often follow in future! Children are copy cats! It is immaterial whether the parent’s conduct is right or wrong. They tend to replicate that conduct in later life!

10)       Wrong associations

When a woman hangs around friends whose moral code is below hers, only one thing can happen. They will drag her down with them! They may even provide her with the man to have an affair with!

11)      Lack of sexual satisfaction in marriage

In today’s lust crazed world where nudity and sexual messages bombard our senses all day long, some women, like men, are now getting involved in extra-marital sex just for the fun of it!

When a woman is married to an ignorant fellow who refuses to get educated about performing better in the bedroom, depending on her belief system, she may decide to become adventurous!

I hope you’re now a bit wiser guys! You’re not the only one who can cheat!

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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