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How do you end a Love relationship? There are good and bad ways and here are a few “bad” ways. You may consider using any of these if there is someone in your life right now that you need to drop like a hot potato!

  1.   Call your partner on the phone and say it’s all over, don’t give any explanations.  Ignore the desperate calls that are sure to follow. Don’t you dare take those calls!
  2.   Write a letter saying it’s over without giving any explanations, send the letter and then, get out of town!
  3. Package all the cards, letters, gifts, flowers that you’ve ever received from your partner and have it all delivered back to them.  No explanations!
  4. Send all your partner’s photographs with you back to them.  Where both of you appear in any photograph, be sure to cut yourself out before sending the other half back to them!
  5. Have a hot senseless argument with your partner’s parents or someone dear to them.  Be obstinate and be sure to bang the door as you walk out of their place in a huff! If your partner complains, bang a few doors on their face too!
  6. Get a trusted friend to make a few anonymous calls, preferably at 4:00am (or some other ungodly hour) to your partner warning them of some dire consequences if they don’t keep away from you.  When your partner talks about it, tell them it must be from a psychotic fellow, whom you dated some time back, who must have just escaped from jail.
  7. Go to a party with your partner and be sure to hang out with someone else all night! Be sure to leave the party with the other guy! If your partner complains, tell them you are a free agent!
  8. Go anonymous again.  Get someone to call your partner and tell them you have the AIDS virus!  When your partner asks, say you thought the relationship was “till death!”

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to try any of these ideas.  If you however decide to, be warned that it may literally be your funeral! Good luck. You’ll need lots of it!

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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