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  1. You’re no longer getting what you want or need from the relationship. If you are not happy, it’s likely your partner is also unhappy.
  2. You can no longer communicate with your partner. When you are speaking different languages, nine times out of ten, well, quite simply, you can no longer understand each other!
  3. You no longer look forward to spending time alone with your partner. When you find yourself making appointments for the time you should normally be with your partner, something is wrong.
  4. You partner seems to be getting on your nerves and you can no longer tolerate those petty things you used to overlook.
  5. You compare your partner to others. You wonder why your partner can’t be like someone else and you go on and on about it.
  6. You try to change your partner. You go out and buy clothes that you would prefer to see on your partner even when you know they hate that style.
  7. You don’t laugh anymore. It’s been months since you both found something funny at the same time.
  8. You’re doing all the giving or all the getting. It’s your love that is keeping the relationship going.
  9. Your friends no longer like being around you when you’re with your partner.
  10. You no longer feel good about yourself. It’s like you’ve become someone else and you don’t like the new you

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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