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The rate of divorce in the world is now said to hover around 55%! It’s not a big surprise that young people are no longer excited about getting married and in developed countries, people are finding alternatives to marriage!

One of the reasons why the marriage institution is upside down is because there are a lot of myths about marriage and when you believe a myth, you are living in a dream world and sooner or later, you are going to wake up!

Here then are ten facts about marriage! I hope these will straighten some folks out!

  1. A successful wedding is not a successful marriage.
  2. If you marry the partner of your dreams, you’re in for a surprise when you wake up.
  3. Adam, the first man, did not need a wife until God gave him an assignment.
  4. God ordained marriage to enhance the fulfillment of purpose by man.
  5. God and God alone is your source of everlasting joy and contentment.  If your mate could give you everlasting joy, you wouldn’t need God.
  6. A marriage is like an omelet.  The quality of the eggs determines the quality of the omelet.
  7. No two people are the same because people are a product of their life experiences. Your partner can’t be exactly like you.
  8. You can’t find two people with exactly the same life experiences. Your partner can’t always see what you see.
  9. Marital Harmony is possible.  It is not a gift.  You have to work for it.
  10. Marriage is not just for meeting your needs.  It is also for meeting the needs of your spouse.

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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