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  1. Jesus is a friend that is closer than a brother.
  2. To make friends with Jesus, you must obey his commandments. You must do what he tells you to do in the Bible, which is God’s word to us.
  3. You need to listen to your friends if you want a lasting friendship.
  4. Never mistake an acquaintance for a friend.
  5. If you make friends with a mystery man, you are in for surprises and all of them may not be pleasant.
  6. It’s foolish to make friends with someone with whom you have nothing or very little in common.
  7. You shouldn’t travel with a man not headed in your direction.
  8. If you don’t have friends, it’s probably because you are not friendly.
  9. You don’t have to be handsome, beautiful or popular to have friends.

If you walk around wearing a frown and acting as if you’ve got all the world’s problems on your head, don’t expect friends to flock round you

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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