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  • Casual Sex is never free.  Someone always ends up paying one way or another.

Casual sex is sex without any strings attached or, at least, that’s what most people think it is. But is it really possible to get sexually involved with no consequences whatsoever? Well, here are ten facts about casual sex to help you decide!

  1. Casual Sex is never free.  Someone always ends up paying one way or another.
  2. There is nothing like safe sex.  Being safe means absolutely no risk of infections. With casual sex, you may reduce the risks but you cannot eliminate them totally.
  3. According to experts, in one year alone there was a 31% failure rate of condoms. Condoms may have holes in them or they might break.  If condoms do not always stop conception, be sure they do not always stop some virus.
  4. Of all STDS, AIDS is the most feared and with good reason.  If you get AIDS, you may die.  It’s as simple as that.
  5. The name AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This means that the immune system has become deficient.  It can no longer operate, as it should.
  6. The surest way to enjoy safe sex is to say “NO” to sex before marriage and to marry someone who has made that same choice.
  7. There may be thrills in sex before marriage but what you get out of it is not worth what you stand to lose by it.
  8. Sexual experiences before marriage are stored in the mind’s computer and can cause flashbacks later on in marriage. These flashbacks can cause serious problems in a marriage.
  9. The surest way to abort God’s plans and purpose for your life is to engage in pre-marital sex.
  10. The word Fornication in the Bible is from the Greek word Porneia. It means harlotry and includes adultery and incest.  The word is also used for idolatry in many instances.

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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