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What Are You Saying?

Do you know that the Bible says you will have what you say? You may find this difficult to believe but the Bible actually shows that we create our world by the words we speak.

Let me show you an example. God delivered the Jews from Egypt and sent them off to Canaan, the Promised Land under the leadership of Moses. The Jews got to the boundary of Canaan and sent twelve spies to go spy out the land. Two of the spies gave a positive report about the land and urged the people to go in and take the land, after all, God had told them the land was theirs.

The other ten spies gave a negative report. They said there were giants in the land and they (the Israelites) were like Grasshoppers compared to the giants! They said it was impossible for them to take the land.

Do you know what happened? The Jews believed the ten spies with the negative report.  They were so taken by the negative report that they wept bitterly. As far as they were concerned, they were all dead meat. They said it would have been better to have died in Egypt or in the wilderness.

A few minutes later, God agreed with them. God informed them that he would do exactly as they had said.  Since they said they preferred to die in the wilderness, God said He would oblige them. All of them would die in the wilderness, from 20 years and above. These were those who were old enough to take responsibility for their words.

God doesn’t play with words. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years. That was how long it took for all those concerned to die in the wilderness.

Also, in the book of proverbs, the Bible explains that we eat the fruit of our lips. That means, we live with the consequences of our words. Our words are seeds. When you speak, you are sowing seeds for good or for bad.

It’s interesting to note that research has shown that our words determine the reaction of our bodies.  It was discovered that when people say they are tired, the muscles of their body become heavy and their body  lines up with their words!

Whenever you sow a seed, the harvest will follow. It’s one of the most powerful laws in the universe. Our words do create our world.

Now, you need to pay close attention to what I will say from here.

I have discovered over the years that many people are in unhappy relationships not because of the common reasons given by people in unhappy relationships but primarily because of the negative words that continually come out of their lips.

Research has shown that people who continually use negative words on their partner regularly, don’t see them improve. If you continually put your spouse down and accuse them of having affairs, when they are not, believe it or not, that’s what will eventually happen.

If you keep saying your marriage will not work and that you’ll end up getting a divorce, guess what’s going to happen.

The good thing about the law of sowing and reaping however, is that it works both ways.  Negative words =Negative consequences. Positive words=Positive consequences.

What this means is that you can also change your world if you don’t like what’s going on in your world, by speaking positive words.

How can that be possible? You ask. How does it work?

Well, do you know what is in a seed that makes it germinate and pop up from the ground?  All we know is that God programmed it that way. That’s why it works that way.

You must never forget that your words are seeds and they will bear fruit without asking for your permission.

This is why you must not say negative things about your spouse or partner no matter how tempted you are. Even when things are negative, speak positive words.

Say what you’d love to see, not what you can see.

Yours words will change your home from a hell house to the Garden of Eden, if you can put this to practice. I haven’t said it’s going to be easy but it’s what you’ve got to do. In fact you’ve got to make a habit of it.

Always remember that to have a marriage made in heaven, you’ve got to take advice from none other than the King of Heaven. You will find His advice in the Bible. He started this marriage business, you know!

Post source : Niyi Odunsi

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